Play is about fantasy

Most toys leave little to the imagination.
Dollhouses are pink whoppers and toy cars are based on polluting diesels.
That can be done differently. More child and environmentally friendly, for example.


Summer – Set of 8

Celebrate summer with these 8 sunny figures

Playset Dinos

Play set with 8 Dinosaur figures. For Prehistoric Playing Fun

Playhouses and dollhouses

We want to give children a blank canvas to shape their world.
That is why we (ourselves!) make sustainable wooden toy houses.
They are not only fun to play with, but also beautiful to look at.

Play sets and play plates

Our playsets contain various figures and each has its own theme. In order to throw away as little wood as possible for our toys, we have used the wood from which the figures come out as packaging. This allows the board to be used as a puzzle or as a template for drawings.

Toy rocket

Soar to the stars and beyond with our enchanting toy rocket! Explore the entire universe with the 3 included astronauts and rockets.

Our top model


This modular dollhouse has three floors and consists of approx. 55 wooden parts. Due to the large number of windows and doors on the sides, this house is nice and light and perfect for playing with more children at the same time.

Sustainable production


We work as sustainably as possible: The design and production are carried out in the Netherlands. The transport is carried out CO2-free.

Natural wood

Our products are manufactured with care and are not lacquered or finished with oil.
This is how the wood may feel natural.


The playhouses are CE certified , suitable for children from 3 years old.
The wood we use has the FSC quality mark.