About Lovelties

No frills, lots of imagination.

Play is about fantasy. But most toys leave little to the imagination. Dollhouses are pink whoppers and toy cars are based on polluting diesels. That can be done differently. More child and environmentally friendly, for example. We want to give children a blank canvas to shape their world. That is why we (ourselves!) make sustainable wooden toy houses. They are not only fun to play with, but also beautiful to look at. And yes, we make it cliché: nice to give, and nice to receive. Like this. That's out. All cottages come in a flat pack. You can easily assemble them yourself (and also quickly store them away if you really can't see them anymore). No hassle, plastic, or batteries. So they also last a lifetime. Our toy houses are sturdy and really fun to play with. Not only with small dolls and furniture - they can also withstand overly wild siblings, crashing race cars and other creative interpretations of 'play nice'.

Who makes this?

Spoiler alert: no big factories! And the only children's hands that come in handy with our products are my oldest son's. He is part of a strict but fair test panel, along with my mother. We really make the houses ourselves. Who are we? Pleasant: Marloes and Lucas Pijfers, daughter and father. How did we come up with the idea for toy houses? We didn't have to look far for inspiration for houses: last year we spent a lot of time at home. With a little one on the way and the outside world upside down, spend some extra time thinking about what it looks like inside and what you can keep yourself busy with. Myself now, and the little one coming later. Dad was also at home a lot, and boredom has never really been there in this family. What is in it, and especially in my father, is an enormous amount of ideas and creativity. When I was in primary school, I even dared to say with pride that my father was an inventor. He is actually a graphic designer, but that too is a form of coming up with something new every time. During my pregnancy and search for beautiful toys, we thought that we could also make something ourselves. How did we know: we had a milling machine. "But what then?" The rest is history. Or rather: future.

Sustainable and local. But really.

Together we think of what we are going to make, and Dad makes it happen with his machine. After milling it goes into a sanding drum, which makes it nice and soft to the touch. The wooden houses are not varnished or finished with oil. Pure nature. Made in the Netherlands, from sustainable 9 millimeter thick birch (FSC) plywood. Do you also have your own toy house at home? Nice! See what we make for you here.

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