Discover the Swedish Play Plate with rounded corners, a perfect complement to the IKEA FLISAT Play Table (or a separate TROFAST box), which ensures endless fun while promoting your child's development. This versatile play plate can also be used separately from the gaming table and offers various options to enrich the playing experience.

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The versatile Swedish Playplate

This innovative Play Plate is specially designed for use with the IKEA FLISAT Play Table or on a separate TROFAST box, but can also be used on its own. The grooves in the Playplate ensure that the figures from the Playsets remain stable, while making them easy for little hands to pick up. This stimulates both fine motor skills and problem-solving skills of children.

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A smart design for easy cleanup

The Playplate consists of two parts that stay in place next to each other by means of magnets. A slot of 7.5 x 1 cm has been made in part of the playing plate, through which the figures can disappear into the underlying bin of the IKEA table. In this way, tidying up becomes a party and the small motor skills are practiced at the same time.

Combine for even more fun

When using the Swedish Playplate in the IKEA FLISAT table, you can add kinetic sand or rice in the second bin next to the Playplate. This offers a nice combination with the Playplate and ensures that the figures can also be used in the other bin to play with and, for example, stamp in the sand.

The Swedish Playplate with rounded corners is an excellent addition to the IKEA FLISAT Playtable and offers a variety of play options. Whether your child is practicing fine motor skills, developing their problem-solving skills or simply enjoying playing with the figures and kinetic sand, this Playplate is a worthwhile investment in play and learning time.