We are cautiously heading towards the most enjoyable time of the year. The music, lights, the fun… and the decorations. I myself have a toddler and a preschooler with a talent for detecting fragile objects. You understand: they can have fun around Christmas. It is sometimes difficult to find a balance between participating in decorating and protecting your children and fragile Christmas decorations.

We have listed 5 tips for involving children in Christmas decorations without shards

Decorating the Christmas tree, setting up the nativity scene… Anyone who has ever experienced the Christmas magic knows it's hard not to feel it. How nice is it to be able to pass on this magic to your children at an early age. We show you how it can be safe (and fun) for the whole family.

Christmas decoration

Photo: @lauraisabelle_vk

Started from the bottom 🎄

Maybe an open door, but let the kids help decorate the bottom of the tree. The area where they can reach themselves without difficulty. Hang your fragile ornaments high in the tree to keep them safe. To enjoy it yourself without any worries, you can decorate the tree (or branch) with our wooden Christmas hangers. These are made of sturdy birch plywood and are made in such a way that even the youngest can hang them in the tree themselves.

Christmas decorations lovelties

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Since they are made of untreated wood, they are perfect for decorating together. This way you can make a moment of it with the whole family. You can paint, draw or stick them.

christmas decoration kids

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Do it yourself

An option is to give them their own mini Christmas tree that they can decorate themselves. Of course with the decoration that can take a beating, such as the wooden hangers. Let go of any perfectionism, and encourage them as they diligently hang all the balls on one side.

The nativity scene

Most nativity scenes are not made with the play corner in mind. The often fragile figurines often have a great appeal to children, but they are often very unsuitable for playing with. However, our wooden nativity scene is safe under the tree or in the play corner. The stable is fully equipped with all figures.

nativity scene for children

These are made from FSC wood and are safe for young children. Due to the appearance of the wood, this child-friendly Nativity scene fits into any interior. By the way, you don't have to have children at all to set up this nativity scene: in addition to being fun to play with, it is also a joy to look at.

Our farm is also very suitable for temporary use as a nativity scene . Complete this with a separate set of Christmas figures, et voilà.

wooden nativity scene

Photo @r.osann

You can of course also do this trick with our other houses.

wooden nativity scene for children

Photo @ane.moontje

Christmas village

Are you more charmed by Christmas villages? We also have that look in our range. Our small houses are the perfect size to place on a seasonal table or windowsill. Put an LED candle in it, and voilà: instant December fun.

Christmas houses for children

Oh pine tree

If you can't get enough of Christmas trees, we have a set of wooden Christmas trees. The perfect basis for an extensive craft session, to decorate together. Or combine them with one of our other houses to create a Christmas atmosphere. Are you already suffering from Christmas jitters? I understand. Just put the tree up secretly, we won't tell anyone.

nativity scene and tree

Photo: @Wendy_stavast